Christian Intervention

Our Christian Intervention Program is a Ministry Designed to Restore People’s Lives that have been torn apart by alcohol and drugs. It is a Christian Alternative to AA and/or NA.

Deaf Ministry

Our Deaf Ministry consists of many facets:

  • Every service at The Pentecostals of Olean, NY is interpreted.
  • Eight Week Sign Language Classes are taught several times a year, and are advertised in local newspapers and will be announced on this website.
  • A Deaf Bible Study is taught twice a month in our church, with visual lessons projected and taught in Sign Language.
Ignite (Youth)

The goal of our group is for our youth to be a light in a dark world, learning about God and sharing that knowledge with each other and their peers. We want our group to IGNITE the fire of the Holy Ghost within themselves and our community!

Prison Ministry

Our prison ministry consists of volunteer Ministers, leaders and church members who have worked with prison officials to attain certification and approval to regularly visit local prisons.  There are weekly meetings with services, Bible studies, and prayer with prisoners.  These dedicated men have made themselves available to be living witnesses of the peace and mercy that is available through the sacrifice made by the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The message of redemption, and a new life brings encouraging news to people who are looking for a change in their life.  It provides hope and a new beginning to the hopeless.

Sunday School

Our mission is to instill children with Biblical principles that will provide a Godly foundation for the rest of their lives.   We attempt to do this by teaching children through games, arts and crafts, memory verses, songs, friendly competitions and activities that will stay with them forever.  We use an age-appropriate curriculum developed by the Sunday School department of the United Pentecostal International. These curricula are filled with creative and fun ways to teach the Bible and are taught by dedicated teachers who have many years of teaching experience and genuinely care about your child and his/her spiritual development.

Women’s Ministry

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10.  Our women’s group as an organization and as individuals has been a pillar of our church.  They provide counsel, support, commitment and prayer, not only to other women, but to the church as a whole.  When something needs doing, you can count on the women to find a way to make sure it is done.  They are a blessing to the church and to each other.